May Fairyloot Unboxing

It comes as no surprise that book subscription boxes are my vice, and every month if I have saved enough money and can come up with a good enough excuse why I should treat myself (this month’s excuse was exams, in case you were curious), I ordered myself one. Fairyloot has definitely become my go-to for subscription boxes, as not only are they a UK based company, but also for the fact that every single one I’ve had in the past I loved. It also helps that the May theme was ‘Warriors & Legends’, and as a Classics student who is a huge fan of epic and wrote her dissertation on heroes, this was definitely going to be a box for me.


Featured above is the design for this month, which was also included on a book mark – and, again, I’m a girl who is a big fan of all things dogs so clearly we’re onto a winner already.

The first two items were a tin of green tea named after the box from The Tea Leaf co and an exclusive candle titled ‘Mist’ to fit the theme of the book for this month’s box from In the Wick of Time. Two really lovely items, both of which I’ve already used (and, obviously, loved).

These next two are perhaps my favourite items in the whole box. The first is a pair of Celtic Socks, I believe from Fairyloot themselves, which are as comfortable as they are pretty. Then, as if this box was directly aimed at me, someone who basically tailored their degree into one on Ancient mythology, they included the book World Mythology in Bite-sized Chunks by Mark Daniels. Both items are just so well thought out and definitely work with the theme – and did I mention how much I love it? Yes? Oh.

Then we have a stunning bookmark from Ink and Wonder with a quote from The Lord of the Rings, ‘One ring to rule them all’. Apparently their bookmarks are made from sustainably sourced wood, so how can you not love it? Then there is the brilliant Metallic Feather Pen from Flora’s Wonder Emporium which, as you can probably guess from my reactions to everything else in this box, I absolutely adore.


And finally, the beautiful book of this month is Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh. Described as a retelling of Mulan set in feudal Japan, I am so onboard and definitely ready to bump it up on my TBR list – not to mention that it’s just such a beautiful book.

And so I come to the not-really-surprising conclusion that this box was everything I wanted and more, so I would highly recommend to any fantasy booklovers who are interested in trying out a subscription box to look into Fairyloot. Their boxes usually run out pretty quickly every month, so definitely keep an eye out for when they next go on sale as I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


(Still trying to improve my book-taking photos, and was actually pretty proud of how this turned out. You can however see that the book is balancing on something else, which I’m unashamed to admit is a copy of A Conjuring of Light by V.E Schwab because, honestly, there’s nothing stronger or more stable than that.)


March Fairyloot Unboxing

I’ve received a few boxes from Fairyloot over the past year, one of my favourite book subscription boxes, and when I saw that not only was March their one year anniversary, but that the theme was ‘Myths and Monsters’, I obviously had to order one. (Being the fantasy/dragon/mythology/creatures lover that I am).

It did not disappoint.


The first thing in this box were fairy lights, and not just any fairy lights but unicorn ones. You don’t understand how excited I was to receive these, especially as I broke my fairy lights a few weeks ago (I’m a bit of a klutz).

Next up were these two beauties – the first is a small handheld mirror with a brilliant mermaid design on the back, which is just beautiful. On the right is a pair of bookmarks which I adore, one of a dragon and the other a phoenix. You can already tell how well chosen these items are to fit with the theme, and the box includes such a range of fantastic items.

I didn’t think it could get much better, but lo and behold it did. There was a ‘Nephilim’ candle which packs such a punch smelling like cherries, and again just excellent timing as I’ve run out of candles. Then, my favourite item of the box (which I’ve already used) is a scarf of dragon scales. Ok, not actually dragon scales, but close enough. Pictured above, I’ve matched it with my dragon earrings and feeling like Daenerys ready to conquer the world.

Then, what we’ve all been waiting for, the book:


I’ve seen this book all over the place, and for good reason. Laini Taylor is already well known for her bestselling series Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and to find out her new book fits in with a myths and monsters theme? I’m already a huge fan. This has definitely been added to my TBR pile, and I can’t wait to dive into it.

There’s a very good reason why Fairyloot is one of my favourite book subscriptions, and they’ve outdone themselves this month. 100% worth the money, and a UK company as well, so would highly recommend to everyone. If I had the money, I’d get it every single month – but, alas, I’m but a poor student. So if you can, definitely go out and get yourselves a Fairyloot! You won’t regret it.

Illumicrate review

We all know that book subscription boxes are my favourite things on earth, and if I had enough money I would get them all. Alas, the student life doesn’t allow that much of a luxury but I was able to afford Illumicrate this month. I’ve previously reviewed owlcrate on this blog, and Illumicrate is similar in the sense that it’s a subscription box that features a book with some bookish goodies. There are two very important differences though: it isn’t monthly but a quarterly box, and it is a UK box. UK people! For my readers who aren’t in the UK, you probably don’t care, but for me this is very very exciting. I had heard of Illumicrate before, but simply assumed that it was like the rest and shipping out from the US, but no. So when I decided to treat myself to a book subscription box for my exam season and discovered Illumicrate, I thought there was no chance I could not give it a go – not to mention that it ships out in February, May, August and November, so it was perfect timing.

image2 (2)

First off is the book featured in the box, and whilst I’m not always aware of all the up and coming books, I had heard of When We Collided  by Emery Lord, featured on several Booktube channels that I watch. So when I opened the box and actually knew the book I may or may not have become slightly (a lot) excited. That cover, just look how gorgeous it is! It came with a few cards as seen above which I believe are postcards, but they’ll all probably end up on my wall.

image4 (2)

The first item I found in the box made me practically squeal, because just look at it. Although difficult to photograph, it came with a little image on a tag – it’s a stamp of a cute little fox on top of a stack of books, and if you don’t love it then you’re insane. A beautiful design and a fantastic idea for an item to include in a box.

image7 (1)

I think I’ve previously expressed my love for fun mugs, especially of the book variety, so when I see that Illumicrate is featuring a mug? OH MY GOODNESS ME, I was ecstatic. No more needs to be said.

image3 (2)

Another favourite of mine in the box was this adorable badge of a book saying ‘Readers Gonna Read’, which is just perfection.

Other items included a paperclip of a bookworm (again, just a brilliant idea), the cutest ‘To Be Read’/’To Review’/’Books to Buy’ notepad which I didn’t know I needed but I definitely do (hello organisation for this blog), these cute little badges, along with an extract from another book and with a Cinnamon Muffin recipe. You can just tell how much effort and thought went into this box, and I’m not even finished yet.

image8 (1)

I may not know a lot of authors, but Laini Taylor is very much a familiar name. I haven’t had the chance to read any of her books yet, but from what I hear she is a well-deserved popular YA author – so to have an exclusive look at the beginning of her upcoming book? Incredible.

The first thing that crossed my mind when I had rummaged through all the contents of this box was how much there was. It’s amazing, when you really look at each item, and you can definitely be certain that you’re getting what you paid for. And each item was just so well thought of and ingenious – if every box is like this, then I will definitely be saving up for the next one. So if you’re interested in investing in a book subscription box, be that one or many, definitely consider Illumicrate. It’s possible with some of the monthly boxes that some of the items and books included are a bit hit-and-miss, but you can’t really be angry as they’re producing a new box and organising every single month. With Illumicrate, you at least have that guarantee that more time and consideration has been put into every box. I’m glad I had the chance to get my hands on one.


And in case you were wondering, I bought this box with my own hard-earned money 🙂

Owlcrate review

In my post about best bookish gifts I mentioned the wonder that is book subscription boxes, specifically Owlcrate. Created by Korrina and Robert, this is one of the first book subscription services I caught wind of and I’m so glad I did. For months I followed them on instagram, jealous of everyone posting all the wonderful things that they received every month. Still I told myself that, as a student, I needed to spend my money on my university books and food and all those important things – but it was November that I cracked. As soon as they said the word ‘myth’ I was there, desperate for a bookish box that revolved around the theme of myths (come on, I’m a Classics student, give me a break).

image1 (1)

So my wonderful parents indulged me with the November box for Christmas, then I happened to get the December box, but forced myself to not get the January box as my money was running low, then talk of Valentines hit and as soon as I saw ‘Sci-Fi Love’ as a theme – well, you know what happened. Now I know I’m not particularly artistic photo-wise (if that’s what you’re after, then I’d definitely recommend hitting up Instagram as those photos make me salivate almost as much as chocolate makes does), but I tried.


I mean, seriously, how cute is that? Reminds me of that wonderful binary solo in ‘The Humans are Dead’ by Flight of the Conchords who, if you haven’t already heard of, you should definitely look up.

Back to Owlcrate, the first item included was a beautiful wooden engraved Tardis by vector engraving, which made the Whovian within me squeal. Memories of watching David Tennent and Billie Piper every week all rushed back – a perfect item for the Sci-Fi theme.


Next up we have a classic Tote Bag – and now with the 5p bag charge in England, this couldn’t have come at a better time. It features all of the couples that are found in the Lunar Chronicles series, which I take as a sign to spend some more money so I can start that series. After all, I now have the bag.


Now as you may or may not know, Owlcrate sends out one recently released YA book every month, so imagine my complete glee to find that there were two books in this month. Definitely worth my money (or so I convince myself as I eat baked beans on toast for dinner). A beautiful copy of The Time Machine by the legendary H.G Wells, from the company ‘Rock Paper Books’, which has now become a new favourite for me. That is one huge plus for me concerning Owlcrate – the independent businesses they feature deserve the attention they get, and I always find something new that I desperately want in my life.


Then, finally, we get to the book of the month, The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry. A book I haven’t yet heard of, but can’t wait to read. It even came with a gorgeous little signed sticker and the most uplifting note I’ve ever had from the author, which now holds pride of place on my wall.

Overall, a fantastic box with so many beautiful things and you can see the amount of thought and care that goes into it. Unfortunately for my bank account, it has only made me more hooked on the service and with March’s theme being ‘Writers block’, I think we can safely say that I’m going to be giving up nice food for another few weeks just to feed my addiction.


So, if you’re after a bookish treat for yourself, or even for a friend as you can give them as gifts, then I would highly recommend you check out Owlcrate. If you’re still not 100% sure, then check out their website (link included earlier) and you can have a little look at their story and past boxes – one of which you can buy with a 20% discount! (Go on, I know you want to)