September Reading Wrap Up

Well, September was quite the month. I read what will most likely be one of my favourite books of 2018 – possibly two of my favourite books of 2018 – along with a book that has taken me over a year to finish. Halfway through the month I thought I’d only finish 2 books, and it got to the end of the month and I somehow realised that I’d read far more than anticipated.

The first book I finished in the month of September was an 800+ page beast of a book, The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. Thanks to very good friends and the lovely world of publishing, I managed to get my hands on an early review copy. As we all know, I adore all things fantasy and dragons – and this tome did not disappoint. Sweeping landscapes, extensive character lists, and intricately intertwined plots made this standalone epic a true delight. I truly hope that Shannon has a chance to write more in this world, as it’s probably the first 800+ page book that I’ve ever finished and wished for more. Highly recommend to any fantasy lovers, or those looking for a fresh, feminist take on typical fantastical tropes found in legends and lore.


The next book I read was On Writing by Stephen King – an unexpected gem. I’ve been desperately trying to get back into a good writing habit, and thought a little bit of non-fiction writing wisdom from one of the greats might inspire some motivation in me. This book did that and more – it told the story of how Stephen King became, well, Stephen King, along with the tools and habits that he picked up on the way. There are snippets of advice, hints, and tricks to guide you on your way, along with incredibly poignant and moving episodes and anecdotes that came as a complete surprise to me. I found myself wanting to highlight passages like it was a textbook I needed to study, and now that I’ve finished it I know I’ll be dipping back into its pages to try and unlock even more.

Then came the book that I’ve been literally reading for over a year. It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to get through the Harry Potter books on audiobook, and I was enjoying listening to them so much that I thought it would help me get through other, very different, titles. After finishing The Order of the Phoenix, I decided to listen to something else before continuing my listening journey with Harry and the gang – what a mistake. A year and several months after starting, I have finally finished listening to 36 hours of Bleak House by Charles Dickens. I can’t quite collect my thoughts on this book just yet, so thrilled I am to be finished, but it is finally, finally, over. Goodbye Esther and Jarndyce, it’s been quite a ride.

The last book I finished this month was a sequel I never thought I’d get to a book I never thought could get better – Vengeful by V.E Schwab. Honestly, Vicious was one of my favourite books when I read it, an incredible reimagining of the Frankenstein myth in a new, superhero format with dark edges, twisting plots, and brilliant characters. Vengeful was like Vicious at 100 miles per hour. The characters were even better, with new characters that definitely fit the current mood of the world where all women want to burn everything to the ground (which is exactly what we got with Marcella). Schwab has a great way of setting up lots of different plot lines and little details, some that she’ll use later and some that she won’t, and drawing all of them together in a huge, climactic finale that has you reeling. Beautifully written, gripping all the way through – it is no surprise that I finished this book in just a few sittings.

And that was my September. It’s going to be a struggle to top it in October, but I suppose with the cold nights drawing in and the increase in evenings spent curled up in blankets with candles lit, I’m sure I’ll get some good reading in.


September Reading Wrap Up

This year is just flying by, so much so that I can barely keep up, but nevertheless there is always time for reading. September was very good in terms of the quality of books that I read, because out of the three that I did read I’m certain that two of them are going to make my list for top ten books of this year.

The first book that I read was Circe by Madeline Miller, and I’m still reeling from how good that book was. The Song of Achilles is one of my all-time favourite books, so much so that I included it within my dissertation, which of course meant that I couldn’t wait to read Circe. Thanks to my job and brilliant colleagues, I managed to get a proof of Circe which doesn’t get released until 2018. Miller has definitely earned her spot as one of my all-time favourite authors, and I can’t help but pray that she continues to write her beautiful stories. Circe is a tale of love, family, friendship, and the lack of all three. It demonstrates the power of words and will, the importance of independence and self-worth, and the threads that tie the present day to the classics. Miller has managed once more to take a well known tale and reword it, forging a new legend without denying the old.


And clearly that wasn’t enough Classics for me, as I followed that up by reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt. If you haven’t already seen it, I wrote a full review for it a couple days ago (which you can find here). Overall, it was yet another fantastically written book by a brilliant author, one that I hope to read more of soon.

Which brings me to the final book that I read – or rather, finished reading – this month which was The Feminine Mystique by Better Friedan. This was a non-fiction pick for the Feminist Book Club that I am a part of, and whilst I think it is important and very good for what it is, I did struggle with keeping up my enthusiasm for reading it, especially with the sections that are extremely dated. Certain comments made on gender and homosexuality meant that I was put off by a book that played a huge part in female empowerment, especially in the workplace and outside the home, which definitely affected my reading of it.

And that concludes my very short update on my reading for last month. I’ve got some exciting things lined up for October, and I’m already well into an extremely good book, so I can’t wait to see where it takes me. In terms of challenges, Betty Friedan ticked off the ‘feminist book cover to cover’, and Circe ticked off ‘a blue cover’. I decided to use The Secret History once again for ‘a friend’s favourite book’ as this was a book that literally everyone had recommended to me and said that they’d love.

  1. ***4 ‘Classics’
  2. *A Man Booker nominee
  3. **A Baileys nominee
  4. **A Feminist Book cover to cover
  5. ***‘A Blue Cover’
  6. *A Graphic Novel
  7. A Horror Book
  8. ***Finish a series you’ve started
  9. ***A friend’s favourite book
  10. **Poetry book
  11. *Book over 500 pages
  12. *Book under 150 pages
  13. Book with a character with your name
  14. *An autobiography
  15. **A play
  16. ***A book from your TBR
  17. *******Book published in 2017