A Love Letter to Books

There are many things I love about reading, but the one that I never tire of is starting a new book.

Once I’ve gone through the usually difficult task of selecting my next world to delve into, my favourite thing is carefully opening it up and turning that first page. I love to look down at the title page, as if I’m preparing for battle, before turning to page 1. Really, it’s less preparing and more bracing myself for what is to come – because at that stage, I don’t know anything. I don’t know what is going to unfold – be it greatness in plot, exquisite prose, characters that will steal my heart, a narrator who manages to have a conversation with me (one in which I do not have to say a word) or even be it terrible plot twists and poorly thought out scenes where all I want to do is rewrite every single line.

Books are possibilities. They are portals and windows, keys to someone else’s thoughts and imagination. They are their own entities, ready to transport your mind somewhere else, and the only part of your body you have to move is your eyes. Well, that’s a bit of a lie. The only things that don’t stay still are your eyes and your mind, as someone else’s words filter into your imagination and paint a picture. Books are where you yourself feature as co-director. The author may say that their world is made of blues and greens and pinks, but you are the one to pick the shades. The author could tell you about a man with brown hair, green eyes, and an oddly proportioned body, but your imagined version of this man could look nothing like the author’s.

I’ve been inactive on my blogs the past few weeks (excuses range from moving house to starting full-time at work), and this particular piece of writing starting as a late night note on my phone. This was meant to be a love letter to starting new books, but it’s turned into a love letter to all books – and I suppose in essence that that is what this blog is all about. Not just a place where I talk about what I’m reading and enjoying, but also one of the many spaces that show how incredible reading is – how incredible books are. Where books are sources of inspiration for so many, authors are the magicians who conjure up ideas as one might pull a rabbit from a hat. And those ideas are not just confined to pages, but spark to life emotions throughout every single reader.

It reminds me of something we think about at work when recommending books – that, whilst you may not like one book for one reason or another, it may well be someone else’s favourite. That’s the truly marvellous thing about books – there really is something for everyone. Where one person may not like a mainstream thriller because of it’s predictable nature and heavy influence from old classic crime writers, someone else may adore it because it let them to those classics, and gave them access to a genre they never before considered.

Every book is important in one way or another, from picture books all the way to those frightening looking tomes on law or business or history. And this little blog post is one of the many love letters I’ll write to try and put into words what each new book makes me feel.