August Wrap Up

I know I’m a bit late, but I’ve been enjoying the Sun and didn’t fancy sitting inside with my laptop. August was a very interesting month and, although it feels like I’ve read more than ever, that isn’t reflected in this Wrap Up. I was at a publishing internship for two weeks where I was trying to read two or so manuscripts every day – so, a lot of reading. Yet as I had to skim a lot of them and they’re unpublished scripts, I haven’t included them in this month’s blog. However, despite feeling like my eyes were drier than ever, I managed to read a good amount for August. I think.




First up was Medea’s Curse by Anne Buist, which I had to do a final proof-read of for the publishing house which was fun. It definitely took me a lot longer to get through however, as any sentence that I thought didn’t read entirely right had me re-reading it for a few minutes. Overall I thought the main character was different and interesting with a lot of different components to make up her personality, but the book really picked up as the thriller part of the plot started to amp up.

Then I finished Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff, and I don’t think I’ve read a book as stylistically good as this one since A Little Life. Just wonderful writing, very character-driven, and wonderful observations. The ending was absolutely perfect, and I loved the layout of the book as well – some passages were just so simple but powerfully evocative, that it just made reading it a wonderful experience.



Past the midway mark for the month now, I breezed through two kindle books – Neighbour Dearest and Anti-Stepbrother. The latter I far preferred, written by Tijan whose books I really enjoy, although this one wasn’t my favourite. Still, they fulfilled their purpose in providing some escapism and easy fun to flick through.

Then, then, I read a book that I did not expect to love as much as I did, and I think I’ll need to post a full book review because I have far too many feelings from this one book. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff was simply a masterpiece, with such a fantastic, engaging format. Not exactly written in your standard prose, this sci-fi book was a mixture of reports, diagrams, scripts – oh, it was just so good. Was concerned about the YA aspect, but that barely featured; I laughed, cried, felt sick, and just can’t wait until the next one. Five stars, without doubt.


Finally for this month I read A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan, which I did enjoy. It was a new and interesting take on the dragon genre, and we all know that I adore anything to do with dragons. It takes a very scientific approach and maintains that clinical perspective, which I found slightly slow in some areas, but the final few chapters were far more engaging with a faster pace that I loved. So although I’m not bursting to buy the sequel, I am curious enough that I’m not opposed to the idea.

And so concludes this month’s wrap up! Two more kindle books to add to the pile, and for the physical books I’ve read that brings me to 39/50 – so I’m getting really close to my target now, which is so exciting. So if I can try to hit three books a month, I’ll definitely reach my goal. It’ll be sad if I’m not able to complete it, but I suppose university is about to start again and the workload for my final year is going to be ridiculous. Oh well, fingers crossed for a good September and good luck to anyone else facing a new year of work work work!


Author: El

I've been writing since I was a small child and, even though I was about as good as I was tall (not very), I loved it anyway. My dream is to be a full time writer, hopefully writing books of my own one day in the (hopefully) not too distant future. I'm 20 now and would appreciate any feedback you're happy to give. Alwayslovetowrite started as a place to share bits of my novel writing, and has now turned into a true blog where I rant, rave, mope, laugh, and talk about whatever is on my mind - some days, that's not much. As a book fanatic (I love to write them and read them), I started Alwayslovetoreadalot which is solely for chatting about books, from reviews to wrap ups, to me daydreaming about the good ol' days of story time, to talking about how bookmarks save lives. So come say hi, leave a comment (and a like if you're feeling super generous), and I hope you stick around to watch me flail through life and try to stay (somewhat) sane.

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